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Tell me more about wireless…….

Tell me more about wireless…….

I hear this from a lot of prospective clients that can’t get fiber for any number of reasons.  My immediate response is, it is a great alternative to fiber, and it just gets better.  Wireless is different from fiber in that it has many more variables affecting performance, and there are a lot of providers that are pushing wireless beyond good engineering standards which in turn gives people the impression that wireless is not a good alternative or less desirable.  Our goal is to give all customers the same great experience whether on wireless or fiber.


Gigabit on wireless – yes and more!

It comes down to engineering, simply put the shorter the distance, the better the signal, and the better the bandwidth and reliability.  We have radios that reliably pass 100Mb/s all the way to 1000Mb/s, and we are playing with some radios that are pushing 4000 Mb/s+.  That said I think the future of radio is excellent.


What about rain?

Again this is dependent on design and engineering, the effect of rain makes the signal weaker which can affect performance.  Different frequencies “fade” differently depending on distance etc.  At 60 Ghz heavy rain can wipe out a link that is 2 miles long.  At 6 Ghz a path of 20 miles is minimally affected by a heavy rain.


If wireless is something you are considering ask questions, get an understanding of how it is being put together and what sort of performance you can expect.

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