CrossLink Networks | ALERT: Outage of LIT San Leandro
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ALERT: Outage of LIT San Leandro

ALERT: Outage of LIT San Leandro

ALERT: 5/16/2018 330pm. The Lit San Leandro fiber ring has been up and running for seven years now.  Today we experienced a major fiber cut.  A contractor working on East 14th and Dolores was jackhammering concrete and jack hammered right through LSL fiber conduit and fiber as well as the city’s.

The sidewalk was marked accordingly showing that there was fiber below.

This took down about 2/3 of the fiber and wireless connected customers in San Leandro.  Of course our phones, text and email exploded while we were trying to locate the problem.

One of our technicians was on site in 15 minutes to find the crew looking in the hole at the broken pipe and fiber (see pictures).

So in order to fix this, Phase 3 Communications emergency restoration crew repaired the conduit pulled 1800′ of new fiber cable between the man holes affected and is splicing 288 fibers back in place.

Thanks Phase 3 for your quick response and sorry to our customers who were affected by this outage.

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